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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
Ah- gotcha.

The OG Dune books(by Frank Herbert) are some of the very best IMO Sci-fi books ever written. Utter brilliance and an amazing complex weave of technology(computers and their advanced capabilities and impact on humans/religious(mainly muslim and messiah type beliefs, governmental issues and drug influences even though he started working on the story in the late 50's . He was an amazing writer and visionary.

The prequel/continuing stories written by his son and Kevin J. Anderson started out decent though not as good and have since taken a BIG dip in quality in the past two.
Word. The original Dune books are as addictive as the spice. Really excellent world building and thoughts involved in the whole series. If you are a fan of science fiction and haven't read Frank Herbert's original Dune, gtf on that. As for the prequels, they are fluff garbage written by his son and some other clown (who writes ficiton in 'teams' anyway?), only relatable to the original in name.

Right now reading a book called "Antipodes of the Mind: Charting The Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience" by Benny Shanon

Its a cognitive psychological study of the effects of the south american shamanistic concoction ayahuasca, chemically known as DMT. Really its a fascinating drug that induces very vivid and sometimes very coherent or instructional visions and states of minds in its users. There are usually consistent contents or themes reported across different users of very different cultural backgrounds. Visions occur eyes open or eyes closed, and are not true 'hallucinations' in the sense that the user almost never loses a sense of what 'true reality' is, despite the fact that the visions are self-consistent, persistent and sometimes extremely immersive.

Its good to get a scholarly analysis of these powerful drugs, instead of artsy self-narratives that are interesting but whose perspective aren't intentfully objective.
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