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no, but i one punished i guy with his BVD's, it was epic wedgie. also I once punished a guy with BBD, I made him listen to them for three days straight.

Originally Posted by Ninjadude View Post
I see it all the time in MMA, jiujitsu guys getting smashed on there backs. Usually they seem to wait for the opportunity for a submission, but in the process they get hammered and bloodied up! Sometimes they get hammered a whole round like this, even more...

Now I don't know about you guys, but in a street fight, I dont want to give anything to my opponent. I want to make him bleed... I want to punish him. Whats the point of getting him to give up, if in the process I basically loose the damage game?... Do I really come on top?

Same goes for MMA, who gets damaged the most? Thats important.

I know that judokas and wrestlers work from the top. I beleive that this approach is much better.
On a more serious note, you aren't just "making him give up" when you tap a guy. Unless you are fighting a true puss, they are tapping because they are danger of having a joint broken or being choked unconscious. It's basically an admission that you could end the fight now if you chose.

In a street fight, there would be no tap and once you broke his arm, ripped his shoulder or knee apart, or choked him unconscious, you could inflict a lot more damage pretty much at your whim. Doesn't sound like you'd be giving anything to him imho.

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