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Originally Posted by Ninjadude View Post
Yeah, BJJ against multiple attackers is a bitch.
I would think any hand to hand combat with more than one person would be a Anyway if I was not getting the better of the standup part of the fight I wouldnt hesitate to shoot in and take someone to the ground get and secure the mount and punch and elbow my attackers face until he rolls over and gives up his back where I can finish the fight a gazillion ways> So my answer to your question is yes bjj is a real good style to use for a fight. In my experience just about every fight hits the ground. If im connecting on him with my kickboxing and hes getting the worst of it, he most likely will bullrush you and try to take you down and vise versa. And im not just saying this, ive experienced it. Ive had a few streetfights in my life. And I havent won them all either, but I havent lost one since ive learned submission wrestling. So im 5-1 and hopefully thats the end of it
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