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Resistance Weights

Ive been taking weightlifting at my school and have been moderately happy with the results,
why im not extremely happy is because mainly i think from having to only workout for like..30-45min before having to change classes,
we use free weights and mainly a kind of two day base exercise, on day hang cleans, power cleans, squats,sometimes snatches or combos either/or,
then the next day bench press, push press and various other exercises like DB inclines, pushups, dips, military press, curls etc

1.Is this a good routine for functional strength/mma strength and conditioning?

2.I like this routine and is it possible to replicate this on resistance weights? since no gym near me has free weights

3.If this is not a good functional strength/mma strength and conditioning routine or it isnt possible to replicate it on resistance weights could someone give me a few machines or exercises on resistance weights that would achieve that end, and are resistance weights EVEN worth it for the kind of strength im looking for?
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