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Originally Posted by Ninjadude View Post
Do you guys remember Liddel against Ortiz, when Liddel sent a barrage of punches to an Ortiz who was trying to protect himself, and sent him to the mat?

It is known already that boxing with 16 onces gloves and 4 onces gloves is not the same. Its not so much the attack that is different, but more the defense. Well, big gloves offer defense because they have size and are like cushions. Also, its easier to block a big glove form coming in, because of its size mainly. With 4 onces gloves who don't offer protection, the punches just sneek in the boxing guard easily, and the fist coming in is smaller too...

So why do the MMA guys keep practicing American boxing? I see it all the time, how the boxing defense fails MMA fighters in the cage...

I'm thinking to myself why don't MMA fighters use the chinese boxing approach more. I remember when I was practicing wing-chung, all those blocks and sticky hands techniques... They were effective.

What do you guys think?
No... the boxing guard didn't "fail." Actually, Ortiz simply forgot one of the cardinal rules in striking defense. Simply put, if you defend, you better throw one back or get the hell out of there. That applies to MT, Kyokushin, Boxing or any other striking art.

Where most MMA guys fail is that the majority of them are not good enough strikers in the first place. It doesn't matter if they were fighting with 16oz gloves or 4oz gloves. If you think that simply covering up is going to keep you safe, you are going to get overwhelmed, just like Ortiz did against Liddell, or like McCarthy against Bisping, or Struve against Dos Santos.

By the way, blocking with big gloves isn't any easier. In fact, if you are really working on having good defense, you aren't going to offer yourself as a static target in the first place. The whole "can't defend punches because the gloves are small" is a cop-out myth held high by those who don't have a solid striking tool box. Foot work, head movement, timing, and rhythm are part of the striking arsenal and is a lot harder to learn than just being able to hit hard. Most MMA competitors don't have that part.

I go into detail on this very subject here and here. It works, most guys just aren't that good at it.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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