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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Its not per person its only if the winner or winners guess it correctly as well. And yes if nobody gets it then it goes to the closest above as well as below (split) Example if UserA says it will end at 3:23 Fedor via submission and User B says it ends at 3:30 via Rogers TKO and the actual result was Fedor via submission at 3:28 and these were the closest then User A would win 250,000 for the time, an extra 100,000 for correct winner and another 100,000 for correct method, User B would get 250,000 for the time (500,000 split) but no bonus points would be awarded.

Your logic there is strikingly odd, which makes me like you so much Toxic!!! I thought like if I said armbar with 3:38 left and someone else says armbar with 2:10 left and Fedor armbars him in like the 1st 40 secs.....the first person should get the 500k(well 1Million now)....

But I guess thats not correct...either way I think I picked the right ending.....but I got another 500k to add for the winner.....or winners...
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