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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU View Post
Keep that shit in the bedroom and stop flaunting it and trying to make it seem like it's cool to be gay. Just because you are gay doesn't mean you have to make it blatantly obvious to everyone around you on a daily basis.
Don't see why anyone should have to make a concerted effort to hide their sexual orientation. Us straight people don't. You may not like flamers, not my cup of tea either from a personality perspective, but it has nothing to do with their sexuality which everyone should be free to persue as they see fit -- within reasonable standards, public or not.

Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU View Post
I'm not saying being gay is wrong, it's whatever, but if they want to be taken seriously then they need to get those fruity ***s out of hollywood and off my tv screen. Everyone is sick of it.
It is tough to believe you have nothing against gay people when you use a word like *** to describe them -- a bigoted term the same as ni*ger, wop, spic, paki and any other number of worthless terms. That's not an ideological frame, that's a bigoted one.

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