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I don't really care either way, to be honest. I hate marriage in general, I hate the idea of it, I hate the foramlities of it, I hate every aspect of marriage. So, to me, gays being able to get married or not being able to is far down on my list of things to worry about.

With that said, Wouldluv2fightu made a point that I agree with, in that gays/lesbians need to tone it down on the "I'm gay, hey look at me, I'm gay!" act, as it's not only getting irritating, but if they want to be taken seriously, then they need to take it serious themselves. They are almost turning it into some fad by the way they are handling it and trying to show it off, which definitely isn't helping their cause.

If they want to be "equel", then they need to stop trying to show off their sexual orientation and act normal about it.

I have nothing against gay people, by the way, but they will never get a full approval to get married in this country so long as they are turning it into a fad and a "it's cool to be gay" act.
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