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I honestly couldn't care less what people in the 60s thought or had opinions on.

I have nothing against gay people, I never have, but they are annoying with their "I'm gay, look at me, hey look!" attitude. They are turning it into a fad, and it isn't helping their cause of wanting to get married. They need to take it far more seriously if that's what they want.

If they wish to continue acting like that and having more reasons for states to reject them getting married, then that is their decision. As I said earlier, I couldn't care less, I hate marriage in general, but if they want it, they need to take it far more seriously and stop acting like it's a fad.

EDIT - It's not just them, by the way, most "groups" have things that hold them back or that people get annoyed with, and this is one of theirs.

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