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Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
D.P. isnt going to like this thread....
Yeah, I know. I hate having this debate with my girl, she always wins.

Originally Posted by Michael Carson View Post
I honestly couldn't care less what people in the 60s thought or had opinions on.

I have nothing against gay people, I never have, but they are annoying with their "I'm gay, look at me, hey look!" attitude. They are turning it into a fad, and it isn't helping their cause of wanting to get married. They need to take it far more seriously if that's what they want.

If they wish to continue acting like that and having more reasons for states to reject them getting married, then that is their decision. As I said earlier, I couldn't care less, I hate marriage in general, but if they want it, they need to take it far more seriously and stop acting like it's a fad.

EDIT - It's not just them, by the way, most "groups" have things that hold them back or that people get annoyed with, and this is one of theirs.
Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU View Post
This. I feel exactly the same way. I know I came off brash in my first post but I'm really getting annoyed by this new gay fad or whatever it is.

People are gonna generalize me and you and call us "bigots" just like everyone generalizes everything including us about the gays.

Every kind of person has a group of them that ruins it for the rest of them. Gays are no different. I feel the same way about EVERY group, but they are not the topic right now, so I don't mention them. If blacks wanna be taken seriously they should act normal too. They ruin it for all the black people that try to be taken seriously. Same with whites. Same with Latinos. Same with midgets. It doesn't matter though because we are talking about gays here.

I seriously don't give 2 shits about whether someone is gay or not, or if they wanna get married. I really really really don't. But that doesn't mean I have to like the ones that make it blatantly over the top obvious every single day. I'm entitled to my opinion just like everyone else. It's not like I TRY to think this way. This is how I am. (sound familiar?)If you guys like gay people flaunting their personal sexual preferences then that's you. I don't understand it but whatever that your opinion. I don't go out of my way to show my disgust for gay people and they shouldn't go out of their way to show me how flaming gay they can possibly be.

And yes I realize that *** is slanderous. It was supposed to be. I was specifically talking about the ***s on TV who flaunt it excessively and make it seem cool to be gay. Once again, I don't care if your gay. But if your gonna act like a fool about it, then I don't care about what I call you. Just like I don't care about calling a black guy who sells crack and robs people to pay for his ice and shit, a dumb n*gger. That's what he is. Even a black guy will tell you this.

If your gonna go out of your way to represent yourself and your community in a stereotypical way, then expect to be called a stereotypical name. I probably sound like a bigot to alot of you because we have different opinions, so I expect some of you to call me a bigot. I'm not gonna cry about it though.

Obviously I am in the majority on this one. Most people don't like gay people flaunting their gayness. And it's not just straight people. Ask the majority of gays (that don't make it obvious) if they like how the gays on TV portray their community and they will tell you "hell no". So all you guys acting like elitists who think you're better then everyone else that doesn't agree with you need to step back. Just because you personally can tolerate blatantly flaming gay over the top queens, doesn't mean that you're way of thinking is the only way. Everyone has different opinions and ways of thinking. I'm not going to tell the gay community that they can't get married, but I will tell them to stop shoving their gayness in my face every time I wanna watch TV. Keep that shit to yourself. Simple as that. Maybe not completely on topic but hey I'm just venting
I agree with these points. Very, very true.

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