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Originally Posted by Davisty69 View Post
Haha, what's funny to me is that nobody on here has really argued against gay marriage. More of an argument against flamboyant gayness. Very interesting.
Yea that was kinda my fault. I was trying to say that the flamboyantly gay community is ruining the chances of them ever being treated equally or taken seriously. I still stick to that.

EDIT: Oh wow. I just got done watching the new episode of south park a little bit ago and I couldn't help but think of how wierd it was. They made an episode about basically what I was ranting about. The loud obnoxious "look at me!" type bikers were a metaphor for loud obnoxious "look at me!" type gays. They even talked about the difference between a *** and a gay guy...LOL. It's like they read my post and made a show out of it in like 25 minutes.
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