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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
I think the biggest issue arrising from the boxing stance is that its designed to be used with the larger gloves. Whereas Martial Arts that were invented before the advent of padded gloves include more versatile deflection and countering guards and less of the curling up guard.
You do realize that before the inception of the Marquois of Queensbury rules, boxing was a bare-knuckle contest? The modern approach to boxing defense encompasses a lot more than covering up, and it's applicable regardless of whether you have gloves or not.

Not to be too critical, but I don't see how how a "boxing stance" would be something that has come into use because modern mufflers were put into place. I don't see how having a good base, being light on your feet, having your hands up and tight to you, and having you chin tucked became required because you put gloves on.

Believe me I don't want to bait an argument, but I don't see how knowledgeable, practicing Martial Artists or MMA fans still cling to the myth that boxing technique and defense is only applicable when wearing "16oz pillows" on your hands. I can only assume that due to their limited exposure to boxing training that they take being able to cover up as the end all be all of defensive technique in boxing, when that just inst the case. Yeah, if you're new to boxing they are going to teach you how to cover up first. But after that there is a largely comprehensive amount of techniques that take a long time to learn and even longer to master. Just look up any videos of Pernell Whitaker, Willie Pep or Floyd Mayweather Jr to see what I mean.

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