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Originally Posted by attention View Post
1. I wear glasses
2. I can basically mouth the entire script of Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan
3. I am a jedi master of star wars trivia, 3263826 was the number of the trash compactor
4. I used to religiously collect Frank Miller comics and graphic novels.
5. ST OS, ST TNG, ST DSN, BSG, SG1, SGA, SGU ... easily identifiable acronyms.
6. still working behind a desk
7. My kids know who Tealc is.
8. All my PC names originate from Klingon birds of prey.
9. I have the original Starbuck and Apollo action figures on my shelf.
10. I have an unopened Asgardian action figure at home.
*genuflects in the presence of true nerdcore*

Show us how to be like you. My husband already is, with regard to #1 and #2.

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