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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Fedor is barely making a name for himself if he loses to Rogers who is also clawing to make a name for himself it does far more damage to Fedor than it benefits Rogers, to the casual fan the fact Rogers beat Arlovski would mean more than saying he beat Fedor.

As for people saying Sokky knocking out Moussai wouldn't mean much I fail to see your logic, Strikeforces champion loses a non title fight to a guy who the UFC let go because he kept losing to mid teer talent, how is this not a black eye to the company? There champion becomes a paper champion holding a worthless title that almost anybody in the UFC could hold. If Rogers, Werdum and Sokky win tonight, then Dana and the UFC are the real winners.

You're forgetting that "casual fans" have evolved with the sport. Not all casual fans think that fighters can't get better, or are always the same. Look at the overwhelming amount of people who think that Shogun is back in great form. They're now watching his Pride fights on youtube and building hype. It's not like the consensus was "Machida was always a can, and Shogun still sucks." Or look at GSP after the Serra fight. Did everyone write him off instantly just because he lost when he shouldn't have?

And if Rogers vs Fedors is a huge war, it'll be great for both fighters. This isn't the world as Foxnews sees it. A great fight impresses casual fans because it's a smaller less intimidating man vs a huge intimidating man. If Fedor loses, the casual fans won't instantly write him off, you need to give them more credit than that. They'll probably say "whoa that small Russian dude put up a crazy fight, I wonder who else he's fought."

And if Soko loses, they could say he's getting back into great form and is ready to be a big contender at LHW again. Soko is no can and he's been enormously impressive before.

Bottom line, the only way Strikeforce loses is if all the fights are boring. If every fight is exciting, then the fans, Strikeforce, and MMA as a whole have won.

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