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Originally Posted by khoveraki View Post
After seeing the technically polished escapes Grim used against Fedor tonite, I'm 100% sure that Rogers would destroy Lesnar.

Lesnar takes too many shots, even from guys with reaches much shorter than him. Grim's reach is the same, and he has 10x more power in both hands. If he can get up from Fedor (and if Herring can get up from Lesnar), then Lesnar has minimal chance.

Welcome to an era where not just one, but a few dark shadows cast over the UFC's HW division.
It's not a new era.

The UFC HW divison has always had multiple fighters outside of it that people say "this fighter could be most UFC HW fighters". At one point, most top heavyweights were in Pride.

UFC isn't the only player in the game, the only time that was the case was when Pride just went under (purchased by the UFC).
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