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Originally Posted by khoveraki View Post
After seeing the technically polished escapes Grim used against Fedor tonite, I'm 100% sure that Rogers would destroy Lesnar.

Lesnar takes too many shots, even from guys with reaches much shorter than him. Grim's reach is the same, and he has 10x more power in both hands. If he can get up from Fedor (and if Herring can get up from Lesnar), then Lesnar has minimal chance.

Welcome to an era where not just one, but a few dark shadows cast over the UFC's HW division.
Quoted for truth.
Man Grim impressed me. I think bar none he has the heaviest hands in the HW division. His ground game was decent, and I believe he would beat Lesnar. I was tip toeing all through the fight because I felt that if he catches Fedor with a solid one Fedor's going down. Fedor had some nice flurries, and nice judo/sambo throws. The size difference was ridic, but boy oh boy what a shot Fedor gave.

No matter what happens after this win or lose Fedor will always be one of my favorite fighters. Age is catching up with him. He has crazy skill that not many can match. Raw skill is what got him past that beast.

Grim did not take the loss gracefully which is his business, but he needs to realize that he was bested by the better fighter and got KTFO. He should be proud that it was close, and acknowledge that he got beat. He won't win fans with that disrespect of Fedor.
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