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Originally Posted by Soakked View Post
I kinda don't want to see a rematch . Fedor's size is becoming a factor with these new breed HW's that aren't hunking-no-agility-slow-no-skill fighters anymore. Guys the size of Lesnar and Grim are catching up in skill, and all things being equal size wins, especially when giving up 40-50 pounds. I would love for Fedor to fight maybe 3-4 more times and retire. But believe he will get caught very soon just because of the level of comp and his age catching up. Being 220-230 with fat will not do against these 265+ monsters. That doesn't change anything in mind, that Fedor is the baddest mofo ever to wear MMA gloves.
100% Co - Sign on this one, was actually thinking about it through this fight. It is really getting to a point where i would prefer Fedor retire with his mystique and be remembered as the greatest Heavyweight ever then continue to fight into his late 30's early 40's and start to get caught by these young agile fighters.

Fedor really is not a heavyweight these days when you are talking about putting him in the ring with guys that way 270+ when they enter the ring.

Although i think Fedor is the real "Natural" when it comes to mma, i mean he can take a big hit, he can get pounded on the ground and keep his head, he can sub as good as anyone, he clearly has heavy enough hands to knock out just about anyone and he has the conditioning to go 5 rounds...

If you watch the way Fedor throws his punch, i would love to learn to hit like that to be train to punch like he does. It is so un-orthodox the way he rolls the punch and generates all his power through his shoulders. It is like the opposite to a boxers punch when they try and plant the rear foot and kind of swivel into it, Fedor just throws his whole body into it.

Unbelievable man, Unbelievable fighter...

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