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Originally Posted by khoveraki View Post
When Grim lost, I thought "either he'll pull a GSP and come back stronger than ever, or get his soul sucked away like so many fighters have losing to Fedor."

I hated the disrespect, but at the same time, I was glad it was the former and not the latter. Rogers is motivated now, and has the finances to train full time. I'm excited for Rogers vs Overeem, Rogers vs Antonio Silva, Rogers vs Lesnar...
Thing is, Rogers had a much better showing than AA or Silvia. Those two we're utterly humiliated. Neither would have done as well on the mat as Rogers seemed to. I hate to say it, but Rogers impressed me. He was far better than I imagined. I have to eat some humble pizza.

Fedor though.... O my lordy. We can talk his skill set till the earth explodes but his demenour... his calmness. Man, that's something you cant prepare for. Time and time again we see him anticipate something and doing exactly what he needs to counter it. Whether being dropped on his head or seeing a slight movement he can pounce on. While his speed might be decreasing ever so slightly, his calmness and focus will only get better.
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