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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Thing is, Rogers had a much better showing than AA or Silvia. Those two we're utterly humiliated. Neither would have done as well on the mat as Rogers seemed to. I hate to say it, but Rogers impressed me. He was far better than I imagined. I have to eat some humble pizza.

Fedor though.... O my lordy. We can talk his skill set till the earth explodes but his demenour... his calmness. Man, that's something you cant prepare for. Time and time again we see him anticipate something and doing exactly what he needs to counter it. Whether being dropped on his head or seeing a slight movement he can pounce on. While his speed might be decreasing ever so slightly, his calmness and focus will only get better.
I agree with all of this, it was the complete opposite of what I expected. I thought on the feet Fedor would be at risk and would need to take it down, and when he did I thought it would be over in seconds.

In fact Fedor looked dangerous from the word go, his speed when he throws them looping bombs is ridiculous. He had already clocked Rogers a couple of times in the first round and had Rogers covering up. Rogers could not handle that sort of speed and power, its a different level of striking to his.

On the ground though, Rogers did good. He dealt some serious punishment when Fedor was trying to line up an armbar then put a stop to it straight away. He avoided the arm triangle too, Fedor was really going for that.

I didn't like Roger's being disrespectful afterwards and talking like he was the man when he'd just been KOd by the best in the world. Complete sore loser, do not like the guy one bit. I said before he was arrogant, and I still thought the same 2 minutes after he'd been KTFO.

The difference between the US and Japan is there are big heavyweights with speed and agility. The Shane Carwin's and Brock Lesnar's pose different problems because they are like super heavyweights. I'm not sure Fedor could deal with Lesnar, but he sure as hell could knock him out if he landed that right hand.

Fedor tried the overhand right a few times, eventually it connected. Rogers did well but Fedor just ends a fight in an instant
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