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Went in to help training partner do some last minute preparation for the tournament this past weekend. I sprained my ring finger in a takedown and it's swollen to the size of my thumb. Luckily today I just regained the ability to bend it enough to make a fist. As for the tournament, I was pretty confident my training partner would do very well in his first tournament. Unfortunately, he was matched with one of our professional fighters (in a beginners division), same guy on both gi and no gi days. So he basically got smothered by a very mean looking, mesomorphic specimen of a man. Bummer. I looked at the division I would have been in, it was the same guy from my gym that I had to roll two days in a row, and one of our fighters Darwin. I'm not paying 90$ to roll the same ******* guys I roll 2-3 times a week in the gym. Poor turnout I guess.

Went in for more burpees

Burpees (5x3 minute rounds, 1 min rest)
1 - 31
2 - 27
3 - 25
4 - 24
5 - 22
Total - 129

7 Up from last weeks, now we're getting somewhere. I lost my girlfriend this weekend so we should be seeing a more dedicated and spiteful me for the next little while. Also get my car back this week. Then Vegas in less than two weeks. BJJ tonight.
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