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Originally Posted by alizio View Post
i missed the fight between Tim Silva(related to anderson?) and Fader (Baders evil twin??) who won? ;P

Seriously tho, Big Tim sucks, it was a joke he was ranked high when he fought Fedor but he is from an era of very boring one dimensional HWs, unfortuantely for him that era has ended and i dont see him competing with any top HW.

I know you really like AA Coldcall, but who has he beaten that has you so impressed? Why was he ranked so high?? Beating B level guys after Timmy tooled him (2x and u diss Timmy to no end) deserves top 5 credit?? Ppl need to realize he has always been all hype, his hands arent even that great and if he goes to box he will get KO'd some more.

It kind of sucks, the HW division is evovling so fast guys who were considered top fighters a few years ago cant hang with the new guys... makes it hard to really rank ppl, i mean how do you lose to Timmy x2 then beat, Jake O'Brian, Werdum, Rothwell and big country and get ranked in the top 5?? None of those guys were ranked in the top 10 nevermind 5, it seems alot of these rankings are skcewed, Cain beats Kongo then Rothwell, no top 10?? If he adds Big Country would he be top 10?? Its just so difficult and so BS the way the rankings are done, esp with so many guys going around in circles losing to each other and different ppl.

FTR AA beat Timmy as well. But thats not the point, the guy has been so close to his dream, which, imo is to beat fedor, this last time especially he was devestated....

I like him his boxing and stand up are great he has one fundamental problem, and its not that he is old or cant hang or that these new guys are coming. Its that he doesnt keep his hands up to protect his chin, I would submit his chin is as good as most guys but he leaves it wise open....

As far as all the new talent...they need and needed HW's for a long time in MMA ther arent that many in the UFC, some went to Affliction for the $ (Tim) but mainly there the division wasnt stacked so now there is a influx of new fighters...that does not diminsih the skills of the old....POINT and CASE Fedor vs, Rogers and we all know you were goin for Rogers....

The game is evolving, but dont think the bad boys from the beginning dont know how to adapt....
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