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Agree with the last two post completely.

Also, going back to the AA and Sylvia fights, not that it matters, but the second fight was very argueable, AA got rocked, Sylvia landed on him we all know how it ended, including as soon as the fight ended AA got up not dizzy or anything. The third fight I would'nt exactly put as a bragging point for Sylvia, infact it motivated Randy to come out of retirement and whoop him. Both fighters knew how much was on the line and knew that the other has tremendous power in their hands, the result was one of the most boring ufc pay per view main events.

just had to get that out, tired of people saying Sylvia "tooled" AA, because he didn't. "tooled" is setting up a perfect 1, 2 two fights in a row, especially when the first resulted in submission via ankle lock, who even wins like that?
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