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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
Sorry about all the stuff that happened. You'll come back stronger, as you always seem to.

Could you post your shopping list or something? I'm also wondering what, if any, external analgesics you use for muscle pain/recovery.
Yeah shit happens, I triumph. The no girlfriend is really a big relief, I've never felt so stressed in a long time.

I'll post what I eat on average.

6 30 am - Protein Shake (wake up)
8 30 am - Peanut Granola Bar
10 30 am - Salmon or Chicken, Roast Potatoes, Random Veggie (lunch)
1 30 pm - Cottage Cheese, Quinoa, Banana
3 30 pm - Protein Shake
5 30 pm - Whole Grain Pasta or Oatmeal with milk and banana (Pre workout)
8 30 pm - Protein Shake (Post Workout)
9 00 pm - Turkey/Roast Beef/Tuna Sandwich
10 30 pm - Protein Shake (Bed)

I don't use anything externally, I'm pretty poor and I always consider it but never bring myself to buy it. I only recently treated myself to some tylenol muscle ache and pain.

I use an ice bag. =)

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