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Warm up exercises, drilled a guard break, hook and sickle, recovering half guard from the bottom of knee on belly, couple other things. Did guard passes, my training partner has totally revamped his guard while I've been slacking and tapped me with a loop collar choke and an armbar. Good boy. I had nothing for him in my guard either...he knows my tricks so it's time for some new ones.

Advanced class was more hook and sickle, attacking the turtle, some other stuff.

In rolling I got to go with a new guy that is by far the strongest person I've ever rolled, he was my size but thicker, he's a powerlifter and has been kickboxing for like 10 years and wants to fight. Felt like rolling an oak tree. I felt like a little guy for once but trapped an arm and caught him in a triangle. Then later I got his back and flattened him but couldn't get past his oak tree arms to submit before the time ran out. That guy's gonna be scary in a few weeks... no, he's already scary. As we were wrestling in the beginning he pushed me and I popped something on my hamstring/ass. Lotta pain and it's stiffening up now.

Also got in with a blue belt that usually beats me. He pulled guard, I stood up to pass, he swept me and came up to mount, I got half guard and guard like instantly. Started tying him up and keeping his posture broken, then started hipping to the side to steal his back. Ended up in a weird half-guard-on-his-back type situation. Was looking for a triangle, or a mount, but ended up getting ahold of an arm and landed the first legit armbar ever.

Then I rolled a brown belt. Alot of positional changes and scrambling. I somehow got his back with hooks, but couldn't finish. He reached down to push on of my legs off, why didn't I tap him there? I don't know. That would have been my highest level tap ever. Oh well. He eventually got out and into side control and got some mean collar choke or something right before the round ended.

Then Dave, who has been asking me to do no gi with him for like a month now asked to roll. My cardio is still weaker but definitely feeling better and I was sick of turning a chance like that down. I figured it would make for a nice night of rolls, white belt -> blue belt -> brown belt -> black belt.

So I shoot for a single leg, struggle to trap it and he keeps his leg on the outside. He immediately starts looking for a kimura on my arm to throw me with(he did this like 11 times the first time we rolled). But I kept my elbows tight and gripped that leg like my shoulder depended on it. We fall down somehow, I think into my side control or maybe half guard. Then I focus on trying to delay his advances/reguard. I didn't reguard. I think he mounted and arm triangled, I rolled out of it into his guard and got armbarred instantly. After that it went pretty similarily, half guard -> side control -> he got mount again and started digging his hips into my stomach and smothering me but not trying to finish me, I eventually had a moment of mental weakness and tapped out of exhaustion/claustrophobia. That was about 5 minutes and he wanted a 10 minute round. Next time I guess. =) Was fun though, if I roll him once or twice a week, I'll be very happy for that extra push, and that seems to be what he wants. See what my popped hamstring feels like doing tomorrow. SLEEP PLEASE.
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