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Originally Posted by Tacx0911 View Post
The UFC co-promoted with Pride, why can't Dana extend 1 fight co-promoting with M-1?

Brock vs Emelianenko will draw the largest Pay Per View buys in MMA history. So even if the profits are split 50-50, both parties will still be the winner. 50% of Fedor vs Lesnar may be the 100% profit made from UFC 100 or more. You can sell this pay per view to almost any country that knows MMA. This include huge profits from Japan, Korea, Russia and other European countries where Fedor is well known.
No one gives a shit about M-1. The UFC built there own name without anyones help, why does M-1 deserve a piece of there success? I actually dont think that Fedor/Lesnar would be the greatest selling pay per view of all time, even after this last Strikeforce event, Fedor is far from the biggest name in mma. Copromotion hasnt created any lasting success for any mma organization so far, if it was good for business, the UFC would do it, trust me. The UFC is far and away the most successful mma organization in the world, they dont need Fedor or M-1 to continue that success. M-1 was trying to sponge off of the UFC's success to take the easy road to building there own name.
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