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Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
I just think Tim's a joke he called Fedor a big ***** before that fight so if he wasnt up for that fight i dont see him being motivated by a guy like Rogers....hell he'll assume Rogers is green and not experienced and probably come into the fight less prepped than he was for Fedor...

Bottom line...IMHO..Tim Sylvia is washed up....there are alot more hungry guys like Grimm....

I find it odd you picked Fedor to lose to Rogers yet Timmy who faired way worse wouldnt lose to Rogers...Rogers is a huge man...280 and almost as tall as Tim(not that that matters)...I just am having trouble with your logic....If Timmy was smashed by Fedor 38 seconds...Rogers took him into the 2nd and was doing some work on the ground.....Tim I dont think threw a punch....
again, i picked rogers for fun, i would put his odds at about 1% to beat Fedor anytime, anywhere.

Tim got basically flash KO'd with a sub on top. If that punch had hit Rogers in the 1st and not the 2nd it would have been the same. On 1st viewing i thought Rogers did pretty well, upon 2nd viewing i realized all he hit was a jab, he reserved Fedor because he was going for a Kimura and even tho he had him pinned to the cage and he is a massive dude, he didnt keep him there more then 5 seconds and Fedor never took any big shots and got out the 1st chance he could. The 2nd round Rogers looked scared or something after a Fedor flurry and never let his hands go much at all. I think he may have a future but to book wins over very experienced guys as automatic is very premature imo i would pay for a Rogers/Kongo stand up war btw

Tim just never comes in shape or seems serious, he cant beat anybody and just wants a paycheck i think. I never liked him in his prime and like him less now, he is boring, repetitive and slow. I still cant guarantee Rogers beats him tho, he is still a step up to everybody he has fought minus Fedor. I know you hate to hear it, but Tim beat AA 2x... size or w/e excuse ppl want to use, its all part of the game and he did it, once is a fluke... twice is a trend..
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