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Originally Posted by alizio View Post
Baby Fedor was under Fedors wing?? You sure thats the best place to be?? I rather see Mousasi with a better camp then that tbh i think it would do more for him
I don't know... It seems to be working for Mousasi so far. He seems to just keep growing better and better.

Originally Posted by alizio View Post
How does one "easily" dispose of Mr. Henderson?? He doesnt get KO'd so im guessing if its gonna be easy it will be a sub??? I really dont see that happening.

Its weird, 9 out of 10 times ppl side with the legend, Fedor vs Lesnar, Nog vs Cain, Randy vs Vera and cite a million fights that the legend has proven himself in and how this untested up and comer isnt ready etc etc... it feels like Fedor manlove trickling down to Mousasi a lil around here?? He is obv a really great fighter, but check out the resume, nobody close to a dan henderson on there, Sokky seemed to hold his own in that 1st round, Dan wont gas like Sokky tho, i dont think it will be an easy fight for Mousasi and we will really get a gauge of where he is atm at LHW.
Well, I'm not really saying anything like that. I'm just suggesting that the potential is there. I can see Mousasi becoming an elite fighter and even surpassing the levels Henderson himself has reached. Do I think he would win in a fight against Hendo now? I think it depends on Henderson's determination, but assuming he isn't just completely blowing off training, I'll give the edge to Dan for now.

Give it a year or two more though. I think Mousasi will prove himself.

And it's not man love for Fedor. Sure, I like them both, but I don't like Mousasi because I like Fedor. I see something in Mousasi that I just think is worth watching and rooting for. I like Mousasi, I like his heart and I like his style. Do I think he's the best in the world? No. Not currently, but I definitely think he is on his way.

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