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Originally Posted by alizio View Post
he did have a decent lil winstreak going, i might stand corrected, not sure if he was ranked, i wouldnt have ranked him for that win streak altho for some reason i like Whitehead.

Rankings in general are bad, like i pointed out with AA and Rogers being ranked... it really helps hype up fights and helps MMA but i dont see how alot of these guys get ranked, its dumbfounding... I do love how you (khoverali) constructed your post to insult me yet didnt answer the main question of my post.... who has Mousasi beaten at LHW to deserve such a very high ranking??

Where is Dan ranked at LHW?? Not where im looking and you said MMAweekly... good point tho!! Trying so hard to make me look foolish, yet you named the site and he isnt ranked on it LOLLOL lol

my real point is just that tho, anybody having Mousasi ranked in the top 10 is a joke 2 me, you dont rank on potential, you ranked on what has been accomplished AT THAT WEIGHT. By the same standards i dont have Anderson Silva in the top 10, altho EVERYBODY does, but how does beating Irvin and Forrest recently warrant that?? Obv he is a top 10 talent there but u rank on accomplishments not potential or what you think he could do.

Anybody having Dan ranked at LHW is insulting the guys actually fighting at LHW. You dont rank for past achievements either.

They need to fix the rankings and get real knowledgeable unbiased ppl to make them.

Now i know Mousasi has the belt in a somewhat popular org... i guess thats why he is ranked undeservedly?? Somewhat like Lesnar?? But at least Lesnars belt has some prestige to it, SF had two MWs fighting for the LHW belt, was very weird imo and now a WW is the MW champ there... so is Shields ranked high at MW now too?? Top 5??

BTW boxing rigged "independent" rankings up all the time to get fighers bigger fights and hype up fights etc etc to think it's an impossible thing to do would be naive, i mean, im not wearing a tin hat over here but either alot of these guys doing the rankings are basing it on different criteria then what i would think or theres something real fishy going on.

Look at the rankings on here in General MMA. I only mentioned MMAweekly (not even in the same post) before because it was the only ranking that had Mousasi at 6, instead of 7.

And if you think those independent rankings are rigged or something, tell it to Toxic's face?

BTW Mousasi's credentials read as this:

SF LHW champion
Dream Middleweight Champion
Dream MW GP Champion
Cage Warriors MW champion.

He is 27-2 and hasn't lost in nearly four years; he's won thirteen fights in a row.

Just curious... what would your MMA rankings be? Feel free to post every weight class (down to 135 and up to SHW) and why each fighter is where.

I'm extremely curious as to your LHW and HW rankings.

Btw the "unknowns" that Mousasi has tooled are aren't exactly unknown. Jacare was basically undefeated when Mousasi KO'd him in the first round. Manhoef is a big name especially in K1. Musashi was a K1 vet when he beat him in K1 rules. Kang is set to face Bisping on the main card of the next UFC event. And you can't pretend you don't know Cyborg Santos - that dude's a serious baller. TKO rd 1. Babalu and Soko are huge names as well.

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