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considering he beat Alves, Fitch, Hughes, BJ Penn, Koz, Serra and Sherk.... yea he is fighting bums.... its the UFCs fault he is head and shoulders above the rest, who would you have him fight?? Fitch and Alves are still 2nd and 3rd ranked he already destroyed both, Hughes?? Paulo Thaigo?? Carlos Condit?? Semtex??

No, GSP isnt fighting bums. GSP is just that much better then the best, accept it, embrace it, love it

Consider that 9 out of 10 of the top ranked WWs currently fight in the UFC... if the division is weak its hardly the UFCs fault, but it isnt, your just plain wrong, GSP is beating the best they just cant compete with him. The UFC OWNS the top part of the WW division and there are very few WWs worth mentioning outside of the UFC... you want GSP to destroy shields?? who else is there?

Below me, the WW division isnt just "that weak"... GSP is just that good. He fights literally all the top guys, and those guys have gone on to stay at the top... not much more can be said.

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