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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Wow. The only reason he is fighting these guys is because he has already completely tooled all of the top WW fighters. But really, what do you want? Gsp just have a scheduled rotation fighting the same fighters over and over again. Do you want him to destroy Fitch and Alves and Koscheck 50 times? Or do you want him to fight as many people as he can.

This doesn't take away from him as a fighter. If you think that his record is padded in anyway shape or form then you have no idea about mma or the ufc. He has beaten the best of the best already.

Who else is left to fight? Jake Shields? If he came to the UFC it would be the same old story. GSP has beaten Mayhem Miller already. So who is left outside of the UFC?

The only reason GSP is fighting these people is because he has already beaten all of the top fighters.
You people are missing a couple of points here..

1.) inter org bouts would help sitos right here. If the promotions where behind the fighters and not in front then all across the boards we would legit rankings and bouts with no arguements.Dana holds this back $
2.) Someone tell me how fitch is not deserving of a rematch?

Jus because a fighter has beaten the top 5 doesnt mean that top five isnt deserving of a rematch . If they go back post a good win or 2 then they deserve another shot no if an buts about it. You dont jus dip into fighters ranked 7-10 (where i c hardy) and pick them cause its a fresh face when there hasnt been any rematches.

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