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Originally Posted by alizio View Post
again, you give the fans what they want to see, that is what has made the UFC so successful and NOBODY besides you (and my cousin is a HUGE fitch fan, bet $400 with me vs GSP and even he doesnt want a rematch he knows fitch is outclassed badly). On top of that his LnP style wins arent impressing ppl, that doesnt draw fans. That's what its about, exciting fights fans wanna see against two skilled guys and Hardy is skilled, no matter what you are trying to take away from him. Fitch will get his chance again, no doubt, keep winning and get a impressive win over another top 5 or 7 guy there will be no choice, but until then, fans dont wanna see it and his wins arent impressive enough to generate a buzz. Thats just how it is.

As Toxic said above... it was a DOMINATING WIN for GSP, Fitch never had anything substantial done in that fight that he can come into another fight with confidence or fans can feel he has a chance. If anything its WORSE then getting KO'd in the 1st round. What GSP does is gives you 5 rounds of beatings where you dont win a round and never threaten and basically makes it very clear you dont stand a chance. I rather a rematch between a flash KO then a rematch from 5 round DOMINATION 5-0 on score cards on guy looking like he wasnt in a fight and the other guy looking like he got jumped by 5 guys.

Look at the title of your post... look at his last 3 fights.... Alves, Penn, Fitch.... tell me thats not utterly ridiculous?? Maybe you mean HE IS GOING TO FIGHT BUMS?? Maybe you dont know wth you mean, idk, but this is prob the sillyest thread ever made, gratz!!
HARDY IS A B-LEVEL fighter nothing more.. The fight will not be exciting at all. So why not fall back to the rankings?
Exactly he fought fitch kos pen alves and NOW HARDY? WTF.. Jus move the **** on with ur lame ass closing sentenses. And dont bother posting in my threads.. I wouldnt want your feelings to get hurt again.

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