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Originally Posted by ZENKI1 View Post
HARDY IS A B-LEVEL fighter nothing more.. The fight will not be exciting at all. So why not fall back to the rankings?
Brett Rogers was a b level fighter nothing more. It happens because it happens, Strikeforce doesnt have many HWs, UFC has alot of WWs but the top guys GSP has all destroyed, make no doubt about it, NONE of those fights were close and fans dont want to see it again. Like i said, its about giving fans exciting fights they wanna see. I guarantee more ppl will want to see Hardy vs GSP then GSP vs Fitch two. Its not set in stone that Hardy gets the title shot btw, you know how the UFC is, if Rumble suddenly drops Kos in the 1st round... things might change.. wins mean alot, IMPRESSIVE wins more mean. They generate a buzz and a following, lets be honest, Fitch's style doesnt lend itself to him being popular among anybody other then the hardcore fans, he is pretty boring tbh and thats a big part of why. If Fitch wants to make a statement he would do well by Ko'ing or subbing a big name or being generally overall a more exciting fighter. But he cna stay the way he is and get a rematch, it will jsut take longer.

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