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Originally Posted by Seperator88 View Post
UFC 105 last night was the straw that broke the camels back. There's something going on that is just clearly being overlooked and it is really bothering me. The UFC, a billion dollar industry that is constantly growing and becomming one of the biggest and wealthiest businesses in this poor economy and, yes my friends someone has to say it, they can't even hire a ring girl that will make me want to rewind my DVR. What the heck is going on, not that they have had a great record in the past, but what is with the ring girls looking like 14 year old boys. Sometime i feel like I should fast forward because the girl doesn't look of age, can we see some curves and a ring girl that looks like a woman and not a filipino slave bought on the black market. I just don't understand, there has to be the right material showing up for the tryouts, so why the noassatall repeat.
I really think you should look into swinging the other way if you know what I mean... both of them are gorgeous, Logan especially
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