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Originally Posted by DJ Syko View Post
But the show is not about the coaches, its about the fighters.
Is it?

This season is a bit different, because of Kimbo, but generally, the name recognition of any given season is the coaches. Usually the coaching isn't wildly different, but remember Tito Ortiz-Ken Shamrock? Shamrock's fighters knew damn well that Otiz cared more about coaching his fighters than Shamrock did.

And so far this season, Rashad is coaching, while Rampage is playing practical jokes. Okay, what's on TV isn't all of it, but that's what we see.

I look at the show this season, and I see in Rashad a guy whose name could be said, one day, the same way people say 'Greg Jackson'. Evans could, if his head is built that way, make the fact that he was once light haevy champ a footnote to a great coaching career. He's a long way from that, but he's making a great start. WHereas Rampage is making himself look like a jerk.

1-7 in the prelims? You could pick your fighters blindfolded and do better than that.

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