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This is GSP's only 'gimme' fight since he fought Serra (and we all know what happened there). The UFC puts him against one guy with dubious legitimacy and all of a sudden GSP has been fighting a long list of nobodies and cans, or b) is feverishly ducking Silva. Even if he was ducking Silva I would hardly ******* blame him.

Hardy is the closest thing GSP will fight to a bum in a title match. I would argue, judging from his most recent fight, that Hardy poses problems for everybody in the UFC WW division, everybody except GSP. Does he deserve a title shot? Not really, but he's whats available right now.

If the UFC gives up some someone like Semtex to GSP in his next fight (assuming he wins) then you can start bitching about how two suspect challengers is a 'line of bums' for Rush. Until, then, this is one fight against a game fighter and the whining is unwarranted.
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