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Shane Carwin said WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!

"I am sure most of you know I am not the leader of the Lesnar Fan Club. That being said, antics or not, he is OUR UFC HWT Champion. He beat a future Hall of Famer to keep that belt and he NEEDS our prayers and good thoughts right now ... Brock has a wife, kid, and friends that depend on him to make their lives better. You do not have to support Brock and his antics but you should have respect for the human side of what is happening here."

Carwin went on to say that Lesnar shouldn't lose his championship belt because of sickness.

"Talk of stripping a man of his title due to illness will set this sport back farther then anything Brock has ever said. We need our Champions healthy and defending. I know the show will go on but to be a Champion you must beat a Champion ... If you sit around bashing Brock or making fun of this because of his antics you might be the very same thing you despise. As an MMA fan, as a human be concerned that one of OUR OWN has fallen and needs our support."

Straight from

Shane Carwin was set to fight Brock Lesnar this weekend and couldnt due to Brocks sickness. I think it took a hell of a man to come out and say all of thes things about Brock. Especially when he calle dout fans by pointing out that bashing Brock is doing the same as what you hate. And on top of that saying he doesnt want to win the title belt unless he wins it straight from Brock. WOW!! I have always loved the guy but then to do this. Major props to Shane Carwin.

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