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It's nice, but it doesn't make up for the whole douchy "I'd fight sick if I were Brock" crap that he pulled earlier. I mean of course this is the kinda thing you'd expect from any human being not a complete turd. You don't make fun of a man who might be on his deathbed or near disability. Whatever his alleged flaws, he is a human being first.

What Carwin shouldn't have done is posted that stuff in the first place. Honestly, this guy's self-righteousness pisses me off, when he comes off as fake and publicity hungry more than compassionate. If he wanted to be compassionate, all it takes is one word of true apology in this blog, saying "Brock, sorry I misjudged your illness man, get well soon and lets do this thing." Nope no apologies, just more arrogant self-righteous, "I am a baby faced angel" crap.

All he ever does is berate fans and fighters for not measuring up to his standards ... well Mr. Carwin, what you did was bad too, jumping to conclusions about Brock and his illness and essentially calling him a ***** for something that might kill Brock or end his career. No, this hypocritical lecture will not make me like you more either, I think you've been a fake hero since the day you started calling out Brock like some kind of spoilt child trying to play kinight in shining armor. If you want to be a truly "good" guy fighter, learn some true humility and compassion from Fedor or GSP.

Oh and as for those people trying to justify Carwin's earlier comments as "trying to hype the fight", that is and always was a horrible excuse for personal attacks. Of course marketing idiots and all will tell you to do that kind of thing for cheap publicity... there is always a cheap and short term reason in life to take the low road. That doesn't justify it, no one is putting a gun to your head and making you do it ... the likes of Fedor/GSP/Anderson never talk shit about their opponents (well except for the whole Matt Hughes thing, but that was provoked), no matter what it does to "hype" their fights. In fact, they'll be the other extreme and actually praise their opponents skills, even when they know deep down that most of the fools they face don't stand a snowball's chance in hell. In the long run, people respect them even more, and their fights sell themselves. Look what Tito's repetitive "hyping" of fights got him ... the man is a joke now.
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