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Originally Posted by alizio View Post
The title of this thread is so disappointing... you would think Carwin said Brock is faking or he hopes he dies... what is shocking about wishing him a recovery?? He should just keep his mouth shut and not try to gain popularity off Brock again, this time using his illness and his "nice guy" blogs to gain more fans... still exploiting Brock and the silly baby face, bully beating, disabled kid loving, all american hero...
Brock is only popular now because of the UFC hype train. Dana white wanted to bridge a gap between you WWE fans and MMA so he brought brock into the mix. He has no "fame" and no worthy MMA credentials. Carwin has been fighting MMA before brock even knew what it was.

Also, it was BROCK who started to talk trash first. I like how when carwin sticks up for himself hes all of the sudden the bad guy. Its a shame brock didnt abuse roids so much or else they would be fighting this weekend and we could finally put an end to this brock nuthugging fest.
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