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Originally Posted by xbroseph View Post
I've seen both fights. and I said this has been probably brought up before so dont try that internet smack talk with the "go away". People that talk shit on the internet are garbage. Usually wouldnt say anything in person.
Don't worry about that man.

We have a few trolls but you shouldnt pay attention to them.

I just wanted to know everyones point of view on if Vitor deserves a shot, Who you would like to see him fight at 205or would you like to see him somewhere else and so on. Jeez just making conversation.
I don't believe Vitor deserves a title shot but the funny thing is, he doesnt believe so himself either.

He publicly stated that he thought Nate Marquardt was more deserving than him lol

I guess a Vitor/AS title fight is more marketable than Marquardt/AS and that's why the UFC decided to put that fight together.

I'd like to see AS face Shogun at 205, or Machida (but that won't happen since they are training partners)

Just ftr, we have a "MMA newbie" section we just put up a few weeks ago, where the members who are either new to the sport or don't follow it as thoroughly as others, can ask every question they want they dont feel comfortable asking in the other MMA related sections.

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