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Originally Posted by Fieos View Post
Referees are damned if they do and damned if they don't. I wouldn't want their job. Think of all the drama on this forum where we bicker back and forth about a decision, a stoppage, a penalty, or a missed penalty. We rewatch fights and watch replays and can't get a consensus on a lot of things. Referees have to make split second decisions and they aren't going to get them right all the time. Seriously if people want to bitch about Mazzagati they should first shoot every meteorologist that has ever provided a forecast. Mazzagatti has bad calls and good calls just like every referee of every sport.
Yeah no ill-will here toward refs. They're just doing their job and have to make decisions on the fly. If I were Steve I might'be been moving for the stoppage at the same time, it was just really unfortunate timing as Ben was just starting to stand up. With that said, I have been outraged on many occasions by poor reffing, not so much at the ref but at the situation. But this just really isn't one of those times, partially because Ben hadn't shown anything resembling an offense in that fight let alone a defense.

Considering Dana was watching the fight at the time this was recorded I think he might have just been really hot at the moment, but I think we all know Dana isn't a Steve fan in the first place.
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