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Originally Posted by Diokhan View Post
Lutter is a MW with not that impressive takedowns and he managed to take Silva down just fine without getting hurt.

Mir takes Silva down and subs him relatively easily, but I remember him saying in an interview that there is no point for him to take Silva down because there is no challenge in that. He said something like that he would bang with Silva because subbing a striker 2 weight classes below you means pretty much nothing, but if he managed to outstrike Silva the win would be more impressive. I'll try to find that interview when I get home, but yeah I can see his point...

Other than Mir I think Nog, Lesnar, Carwin, JDS, Cain and possibly Kongo & Al Turk would beat Silva, rest he could possibly handle unless I forgot someone important...
Even a broken clock is right twice a day, people read too much into that Lutter fight, and for the record I think Lutter has better TD's than Mir, Mir's TD's have always been weak, also Lutter is faster than Mir would be even in his dehydrated state for the first round anyway. Mir would be really slow compared to Anderson
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