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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU View Post
Well props to you honestly. But even though it might be hard to imagine people out there who might have to go through more of a struggle than you did, they ARE out there. They are saying now that for some people, something triggers in their brain dealing with nicotine (using MRI's for evidence) that makes it virtually impossible for them to quit. They have found that some people have this activity ranging from moderate severe, while others, although still addicted to nicotine, do not have this activity at all.

You may have had a hell of a time quitting, but chances are there are some people out there that naturally will have an even harder time than you. Anyway, props to you for doing it, but try to be more sensitive to those who weren't born with the same amount of will power as you were.

Karo is a tough guy, anyone who saw his early fights when he was fighting Sean Sherk at the ripe age of 17 or so, or realizes that Karo has been a Judoka for most of his life and how much pain you go through in that sport, knows how tough Karo really is. But addiction can be a disease, and sometimes no matter how tough you are, your brain just doesn't allow you to overcome these crutches without intense treatment or other medications to fix the chemical imbalance that can also carry drastic risks.
First off- thank you. Getting clean in the hardest thing and greatest thing ive ever accomplished in my life so far. As for my post I didnt mean to sound insensitive to Karos problem but the facts are Karo needs to recognize he has a problem after that he needs to do something about it. And this is where I meant 'deep down he has to want to stop". He needs to check in to a detox then go from there to a rehab or theraputic community and from there he needs to attend self help groups like NA or Secular recovery or any of the others. The help is out there its just a matter of getting it and if you dont think you have a real problem (denial) you wont seek treatment until youve slid a long way down the socio-economic scale (rock bottom)which is the route that I had to take and I hope Karo doesnt have to take it that far. I like watching him fight and wish him luck.
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