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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Lol 130 pounds??? arnt you kinda embarrassed to be fighting in a park weighing 130 pounds??? no one laughs at you?

*Sigh* You people that street fight for the heck of it are disgusting and pathetic. Its idiotic to be fighting in the streets... just because you put on 6 ounce gloves or w/e they are doesnt make it any different. You have a busted lip to show for it and nothing else. What you are doing isnt a Sport like what MMA fighters are doing. Your almost insulting them by doing that kinda stuff in a park and trying to imitate them. What your doing isnt cool and none of the real fighters would feel good about you doing it. Quit giving MMA a bad name and grow the **** up already. If you want to street fight weighing 130 pounds then im sure you can find a middle school and pick a fight with those kids there, atleast then it wont have anything to do with MMA.

Also if your trying to fight for fun go buy some boxing gloves or even sock em boppers and keep it in your house or your backyard.
HAHAHAHA.! Nothing else needs to be said.
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