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Originally Posted by diablo5597 View Post
No noob zone in the Vip section has been moved or deleted or something.
Yeah we noticed for that one already, but thanks

Originally Posted by LjStronge View Post
I was the first to reply to Toxics (hacked) thread and got banned, but you have obviously sorted my accont out sharpish, so thanks a lot for that.

As soon as I saw I was banned I knew what the score was and just sat back and waited. I couldn't get on the forum for ages either.

Glad it's all been sorted, well done guys.


My post count has dropped by 200 odd, not that I'm that fussed, I'm sure you have more important things to sort out at the moment, but if you ever get to sort it, that would be cool.

Like I said, no biggie.
Read my post in the other "attention" thread posted in the lounge, I'm explaining why people's posts counts have decreased.

Originally Posted by TheGrizzlyBear View Post
I can't stand when people do that, its so stupid... I'm glad its all taken care of now though.

aww boo... my post count has been reset...
Ditto (see above).

And yeah, some people should definitely get a life.

edit: good to hear DP..

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