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I was hoping to rewatch the fight this morning but the damn DVR didn't record so I am SOL. Going on pure memory. WIth the scoring system as is, I have to say that I can understand a 30-27 score for Griffin. Octagon control was fairly even in the first two rounds and all Griffin in the third. Agression was equal in the first two rounds as well, and again the third was all Forrest. Ortiz shot twice in the first round, successful on the first which Forrest was able to escape via a kimora, which also happens to be a submission attempt. Tito also had a couple of take downs in the second round, which Griffin for the most part was able to either weather the storm and regain control by getting to his feet or flat out nulify the GnP from Tito by getting into a close guard. Aside from some scar tissue being opened wide by a vicious elbow, Griffin didn't take much damage from his back in the second round, the blood was flowing but I don't think he was hurt too bad. In this round Griffen landed slightly more strikes, so depending on how much you weigh in the takedowns,gives this round a toss up for either fighter, could have easily gone either way, perhaps even a 10-10 round. The third round is self explainatory, I think Ortiz might have had about 6 or 7 strikes while Griffin never stopped striking probably having close to 45 or so. I scored it 10-9, 9-10 and 10-8 at the time of the fight, Griffin wins 29-27.

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