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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
I was impressed by quite a few fighters on Saturday night myself and I'm just wondering if anyone else was.

Brian Foster - To be honest I hadn't the slightest idea of who he was before this fight. I knew who Brock was, but not Brian. Honestly this kid brought it to Brock and beat him handily and Brock is a really tough dude. Looking forward to seeing Brian fight again soon.

Lil' Nog! - First off, I was damn excited to see him in the UFC. Second, he destroyed Cane and that's not an easy task. Cane was a true up and comer in the weight class and I put him right up with Cain and Carwin, a really dangerous fight for Lil' Nog's debut. Far better boxing than his bigger brother, hell of a chin too and he's showed some great power. Very excited for him to be fighting in the UFC

Amir Saddolah - I've liked Amir since he put CB away with that second armbar. He seems to be acclimating very well to MMA from being a pure striker, so much so that we really haven't seen much of his striking yet. His fight against Baroni was nothing short of a clinic. Beautiful strikes all around, fantastic angles and great combinations being put together. I realize Baroni was gassed completely by the third, but the dude is still dangerous and Amir really showed what he's made of. Happy Amir is finally coming to his own.

Ben Saunders - I've been a fan of Ben since he was on tough, he reminds me of the guy who trained me a lot. I'm also a huge fan of Marcus Davis, but to see Ben get that kind of stoppage and bully Marcus around like that was awesome.

Thoughts? Anyone else you were really impressed by?
I will agree with all of these, although I can't recall the foster fight so well. This was my firts time seeing Lil' Nog, and damn is that dude impressive. I can't wait to see more.

Amir Sodallah blew me away. I was not expecting him to win in that manner in any way. He made such great use of push kicks, and pretty much made Baroni look like a stumbling drunk as usual.

Ben Saunders looks like he was built specifically for Muay Thai. The dude is huge, but also with extra long arms and legs. I did not expect at all for him to do what he did to Davis. It's cool how some of these random guys from various TUF shows grow into talented fighters capable of beating fighters with already established names.

Originally Posted by enceledus View Post
did no one else think that Kos was pretty impressive?
Yep, I like Kos, the dude rarely disappoints. The fans didn't seem to like him, and he didn't seem to like them either. His post fight interview was pretty funny.
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