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Originally Posted by BlacklistShaun View Post
I was impressed with little Nog as well. He definatively put down someone who was supposed to be moving into the higher regions of the division...did it with ease.

Can't say that I was impressed with Amir. No matter how that fight would have went he was still fighting Phil and Phil isn't that good. Not to mention the fact that besides him not being good he put on a horrible showing.

Wasn't impressed with Tito, he looked like crap IMO. When he loses the first thing he does is make excuses once again. Props to Forrest for actually coming to the aid of a fellow fighter who was making excuses for losing to him...class act.

I thought George looked good with his ground game; although like most 10th planet guys I've rolled with they tend to go for flashy stuff instead of taking the easy stuff that's right in front of them, which can be a hindrance.
It's not so much who Amir was fighting, it was how he fought him. He used extremely crisp technique, put all his stuff together in bunches and kept it mixed and accurate. I can't help but think that even if Phil hadn't totally gassed the fight wouldn't have looked much different. I want to see Amir/Swick.

i agree with most of your post but i cant figure out why you said

"Cane was a true up and comer in the weight class and I put him right up with Cain and Carwin"

you do realize Cane is a LHW and so is Lil Nog? Otherwise everything else i agree with was spot on in the OP.
Yeah I was tired... but I meant I put him in the same league as them, being fairly new guys but quickly rising to the top of their respective division in devastating fashion.
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