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I really think it depends on how you score the first round.

Round Two - it was clearly tito 10-9.
Round Three - clearly forrest but i have a difficult time scoring it 10-8. Like many have said, he didn't really hurt tito, or score a knockdown. so i gave that 10-9 forrest.

Round One - I actually scored this round for tito. But I think I gave that takedown more credit than it should. The standup forrest was definitely winning but it was still competitive. Forrest landed cleaner strikes and more frequently. But Tito landed a few shots of his own too. But like I said, the tipping scale for me was the take down by tito. He also landed a few nice elbows on forrest. Although forrest did get up afterwards, I don't think getting up wins you points, but it prevents you from losing more points. I'd probably pull a jordan breen and give this round a 10-10 round but if i had to, i'd give it to tito for the takedown and GnP.

So really it depends on how much value you gave to tito's takedown and GnP.

On a side note, I really don't know how that fight could have been 30-27. I just don't think tito lost 10-8 in the final round. To me, a 10-8 round only happens if one fighter was so dominated that he was very closed to being finished and he had no offensive threat. Although tito had no offensive threat, he wasn't even close to being finished.
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