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Originally Posted by ufcrules View Post
Hey guys. Remember that Serra-syndrome happens once in a lifetime...ONCE!!! This guy can hit but methinks he won't land anything in this one. GSP has learned his lesson.
Jesus...this is how bad the GSP suckfest has gotten. The idea that the man has "learned his lesson" meaning he's learned not to get he'll never be hit again or have one glancing blow.

Sorry, but Anderson Silva (assumingly now after Lyoto/Shogun) is the least hit fighter in the UFC and probably in MMA and he atleast gets hit once per fight.

And then to think Dan Hardy won't land a single strike on GSP..even if "he can hit." What the **** kind of shit is that? Jesus.

Lol at Hardy not lasting a round. I forgot how much of a devestating finisher GSP has been in the last couple of years. Now he's going to finish a guy with a granite chin, KO power, and good grappling in one round....todays GSP. Interesting. Even the "old" GSP didn't finish worthy opponents in one round, but this one can? Interesting theory, considering it took him two rounds to finish Serra and Hardy is a little of a lot more talented than Serra ever was.

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