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Originally Posted by AlphaDawg View Post
lol at your reasoning. If you read what I said, I said "ending in devastating fashion." While I admit the Lytle win wasn't impressive, all of his other TKO/KOs did END devastatingly. And clearly a decision over Koscheck isn't ending in devastating fashion. I never said it was, I just said he beat Koscheck. And yes he did "squeak" out a decision as it was a split decision. Not only that but I've heard arguments that Davis should have won. I don't feel that way but by no means did Hardy win decisively. Had it been "decisively" he would of won by unanimous decison now wouldn't he?
Not to mention Koscheck is INSANELY hard to finish, but Alves dominated him in that matchup. Koscheck probably didn't walk for weeks.

And Lytle is another guy who's insanely hard to finish. But you watch the Hughes fight and Hughes is outclassed everywhere. There's a reason Alves is the #3 WW, he's really come into his own now.

IMO Hardy gets stomped by the top 5 guys, and he didn't look hot against Swick who looked way slower than usual. Koscheck would DEFINITELY crush Hardy, Rumble would probably crush Hardy, Alves and Fitch would eat him alive, nevermind what GSP is going to do to him. It'll probably be criminal the way he gets butchered.
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